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Musings on our work, industry trends and the world of brand experience.

Expanding the Possibilities of Creativity: My Adventures with AI

During a late summer visit with my family in 2022, we found ourselves in the kitchen engaging in our typical arguments about the state of the world when my brother brought up the topic of artificial intelligence (AI), something he had been discussing in our family WhatsApp group for months.

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Leading the Charge: The female leaders of experiential

International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023 was celebrated in style as We Are Collider and Elevate Mentoring hosted a virtual panel discussion titled ‘Leading the Charge: The Female Leaders of Experiential’. This event brought together powerful and influential female leaders in the events industry to share their experiences, insights, and lessons…

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The Death of Traditional Brand Experiences?

Has there been a slow down on customers desiring experiences over more traditional brand events? We asked a series of experts their thoughts at a brilliant in real life event held at the Soho Hotel in London and feel we can say with confidence, that brand experiences, when done right, are far from dead.

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Millennials fuelled the experience economy; will Gen Z kill it?

As millennials start to hand over the reigns to the next generation – Gen Z – how does the landscape change for marketers…or does it? Gen Z, are more adaptive to technology, consume more media content than ever before, and know how to access the correct information, making them pretty…

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Brands can use experiences to connect in an era of information overload

Experiences are what matters.  Behavioural science and psychology tells us this, but it’s something you will already know, instinctively. The key moments of your life, those that mean something to you, aren’t defined by purchases or possessions.  They’re experiences – weddings, festivals, birthdays. The time your heart was broken. The…

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