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Musings on our work, industry trends and the world of brand experience.

Brands can use experiences to connect in an era of information overload

Experiences are what matters.  Behavioural science and psychology tells us this, but it’s something you will already know, instinctively. The key moments of your life, those that mean something to you, aren’t defined by purchases or possessions.  They’re experiences – weddings, festivals, birthdays. The time your heart was broken. The…

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Millennials fuelled the experience economy; will Gen Z kill it?

As millennials start to hand over the reigns to the next generation – Gen Z – how does the landscape change for marketers…or does it? Gen Z, are more adaptive to technology, consume more media content than ever before, and know how to access the correct information, making them pretty…

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Brands are missing a trick by ignoring the over 50s

A mere five years ago, marketers were all over millennials,fawning over their do-for-self mindset and love for experiences. Come 2020, attention shifted to Gen Z’s love of sustainability and TikTok-fuelled democratised creativity. Fast-forward another two years and some brands are casting aside Gen Z in favour of Gen Alpha. Adland’s…

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Returning to B2B Events – The Future is Hybrid

Will there be a ‘return to normal’ or has the mass disruption that Covid brought, shifted the events landscape for good? We believe the latter. Out of necessity, the events industry was forced to innovate and create a means to solve its perennial challenges – joining up digital and analogue…

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Brand experience for alcohol brands in 2021

This is a potentially huge opportunity for the alcohol sector. However, the Millennial and Gen Z consumer in particular are prioritising mental and physical health and there is a longer-term trend towards moderation – the success and continued rise of aspirational low and no alcohol brands is testament to this. They are…

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