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We are a creative brand experience agency using behavioural science to shape ideas that move people. AKA a collection of wonderful humans who share the same goal… to deliver creative, innovative and impactful work for brave and exciting clients.

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Strategic Planning & Consulting

We provide strategic marketing consulting services and brand experience strategy to ensure experiences are grounded in a thorough understanding of brand, product, audience and culture. We use marketing analytics and insights together with our MARVELS behavioural science IP and tool, leveraging our understanding of human behaviour to craft experiences with impact.

We also use measurement and evaluation tools to bake measurement into experience planning and to ensure Return on Investment is considered from planning to execution.

These can be standalone services to help clients understand the role of brand experience (physical, virtual and digital) in delivering results for their brands; or comes as standard in the development of creative solutions.

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Event Management and Production

We offer a full service solution for producing and managing innovative event solutions for brands.

This includes strategic planning, creative concept development, custom event design, venue sourcing and negotiation, spatial design, creative branding and design, (3D, 2D, AI and digital), creative technology, content development, talent sourcing, production and build, props and dressing, graphics production, AV, lighting, catering, staffing, project management, event management, show calling, logistics, health & safety and sustainability consulting.

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Brand Activation and Engagement

We work with clients to translate their brand truths and purpose into tangible, memorable experiences that resonate with their target audience. Brand activations usually involve direct, active participation and interactivity to fully engage audiences, driving memorability and brand loyalty.

Brand activations can encourage engagement in real life, digitally (online and in social media); and virtually. And can be anything from one-off launch experiences – wow moments that light the touchpaper and spark conversation; and sampling campaigns (like speed dating for product and audience) to business to business activations.

We provide a ‘one stop shop’ to include audience engagement strategies, creative development, design, project management, live media/venue sourcing and negotiation, production and logistics, staffing, H&S and measurement and evaluation.

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Experiential Marketing Campaigns

As an experiential marketing agency we craft marketing campaigns and transformative brand experiences that weave immersive experiences into our client’s brand strategy to create a consistent and memorable brand narrative.

Experiential campaigns can integrate across a number of channels, all designed to forge emotional connections with audiences at the points they naturally interact with the brand. They build lasting relationships with consumers, keep the brand and product front of mind longer-term, strengthening brand loyalty and advocacy.

We start with a ‘big idea’ and develop the idea across the most relevant channels for that idea, the brand and the audience. This could include live events, social media, out-of-home, digital (web builds, apps, immersive technology, extended reality and Web 3 solutions), short form and long form content, advertising, media and influencer relations.

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Roadshows and Pop-Ups

We build and deliver roadshows and pop-ups for our clients that build excitement and engagement across multiple locations. Roadshows enable us to create interactive brand experiences and product demonstrations that are highly targeted to a specific audience demographic or location. It allows brands to be agile and ‘show up’ wherever and whenever there is a high volume of a relevant and receptive audience. This can be in city centres, parks, beaches, trade shows, markets, festivals and existing events.

Pop-ups are temporary brand experiences that can last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks and can be free to drop in, free but bookable or ticketed. They are typically activated in high footfall locations in city centres or in temporary retail spaces.

We provide a full service from brief to delivery

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PR Stunts

We deliver PR or publicity stunts designed to capture the attention of the media and the public. These carefully orchestrated live events or digital campaigns use creativity, novelty and timing to make headlines and push content across earned media. They can also be specifically designed to encourage influencers and creators to capture branded content and broadcast to their followers for further earned media reach.

We deliver PR Stunts from initial ideation to live delivery and work with our sibling agency Seven Communications for press, media and influencer relations and targeting.

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Digital and Virtual Experiences

We help clients seamlessly connect with audiences by building experiences in digital and virtual worlds. Our digital experience solutions include online experiences across web builds, mobile apps and social media plus delivery of virtual events. We also use creative technologies, extended realities and Web 3.

We develop strategy, creative, design, project management and virtual event planning and delivery in-house; and use tried and tested digital development partners for production.

We have a sibling agency Arq who we work closely with to help brands unlock the possibilities of immersive virtual and augmented spaces including creating virtual worlds across Metaverse platforms, using extended reality (VR and VR) and AI, anamorphic billboards and faux OOH.