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We Are Collider buys stakes in Seven Communications and Arq

The three businesses will come together to create We Are Group.

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We Are Group: (from left) Charlotte Bunyan, Serge Vaezi, Anton Jerges and Caroline Wray

Experiential agency We Are Collider has launched We Are Group following its investment in PR agency Seven Communications and XR and Web3 specialist Arq.

Seven Communications is headed by former Freuds directors Caroline Wray and Serge Vaezi, while Arq is headed by Charlotte Bunyan.

Creation of the group was sparked by client demand for “more culturally intelligent, behaviour-based communications” across in-person and virtual activations.

The team will bring together Seven Communications’ knowledge of earned media and Arq’s technology-driven approach to immersive experiences.

The work will span content, experience design and behavioural science.

Anton Jerges, chief executive of We Are Group, said: “We Are Collider’s current expertise lies predominantly in live and digital experiences. Recognising that these shouldn’t exist in silos, I’ve been investigating ways of enhancing our campaigns through earned media amplification and emerging technologies.

“To this end, the We Are Group will identify and nurture agencies that can complement our activations and further merge the live, digital and virtual worlds. We Are Collider experienced growth of more than 200% since 2021, and this has given us the luxury of being able to fund new investments.”

We Are Group will work across the shop’s Bermondsey and Soho offices and have an annual revenue in excess of £12m.

Wray, managing director of Seven Communications, said: “Being part of the We Are Group will enable us to extend the scale of our work across events and experiences whilst harnessing the power of Web3.”

Seven Communications has since helped We Are Collider win pitches for two global clients and Arq has worked across several new client accounts, including a partnership with behavioural scientist Patrick Fagan to create a roadmap that “helps brands unlock the full potential of XR and Web3”.

We Are Collider, whose clients include Red Bull, Riot Games and Waitrose, has hosted events such as European esports tournament League of its Own for Red Bull and helped deliver Waitrose’s Winter Food and Drink Festival.

Bunyan, managing director and founder of Arq, said: “With support from the We Are Group, Arq cuts through the hype and jargon of immersive tech with an insight-backed framework that helps re-imagine brand stories across an ever-expanding playing field of realities: physical, digital and virtual.”

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Published in Campaign on 19/04/2024, written by Charlotte Rawlings.