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Musings on our work, industry trends and the world of brand experience.

What brands can learn from Barbie

It’s 3am in Leicester Square. And there are fans who’ve been queuing for hours to be in with a chance of spotting a cast of actors donning pearls, sequins and most crucially 50 shades of bubblegum pink. The film was announced in 2019, its first teaser in December, the full…

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How to build intrinsically social, shareable brand experiences

How to build intrinsically social, shareable brand experiences.  Brand experiences, when done right, should be emotional. What emotions do you want to instil in people to make them feel compelled to share something? What is it that makes an experience shareable? Behavioural science is the study of human behaviour and…

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How to use brand experiences to engage hard-to-reach or niche audiences

As generations evolve, sub-cultures continue to form. Audiences who don’t fit into a traditional demographic have joined together through culture and stay united through their common interests. These subcultures create a valuable market for brand experiences. In belonging to subcultures that aren’t widely represented in mainstream media, brands often struggle…

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Creating High-Performing Event Teams for Unforgettable Brand Experiences

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the experiential industry is thriving with audiences getting hungrier for immersive and unforgettable event experiences. These experiences have become a powerful tool for connecting with consumers on a deeper level: making marks, building customer loyalty, and creating memorable moments. Behind each successful brand activation lies…

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War Games and Reality

After seeing this intriguing advertisement in London Bridge station, I decided to pay a visit to War Gaming exhibition at the Imperial War Museum. War Gaming is UK’s first exhibition to explore war games and question how the realities of war are represented in the virtual world of video games. …

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