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How to ensure your campaign lives on with long and short form content

Just like Wizzard wished it could be christmas everyday, we wish our activations could last forever, but they can’t. So, what can we turn to, to ensure our activations live on in the hearts and minds of those who were there, or who wish they could’ve been? Content. Both short form and long form. Both serving different purposes but with the same goal in mind.

We’ve decided to unpick the differences in both short and long form content in how they appeal to consumers. Plus, how using a combination of both will provide your fan base with something powerfully emotive, funny, and unique to return to again and again – even after your activation is long gone.  

Short form content: For the serial scrollers, who love to lol

When it comes to engaging your reader, short form content favours those of us who, perhaps, don’t have the longest attention spans (yes, we mean us too.) This type of content is best used for concise, to the point messages about your chosen topic. It works because it’s distilled down, and it’s digestible. 

Short posts often have a placed emphasis on humour and are more aligned to virality too – that pot of gold at the end of the ‘shareability’ rainbow: A viral post. Short, rib-tickling posts are paramount. If something’s funny, it’s far more likely to go viral and be shared. The lols will long outlive the campaign. Everyone loves a good old dad joke or the odd pun. Don’t fear the gag and indulge in meme-ability to stay #relevant. So, bank on this and create content which’ll make your audience giggle, give it a repost, and gather their mates around to reminisce about it.

Funny, viral content is incredibly valuable to brands as it extends the reach of your activation beyond the pool of existing followers or those who were there to witness it. Content that is short in form is a fantastic way to speak to audiences who might not know much about your activation, why not use a provocative title or a semi-niche pop-culture reference to grab their attention?

Long form content: Dive deep & give something to the super fans 

Long form content provides readers with the opportunity to truly get under the skin of your chosen topic. Realistically, it’s unlikely that anyone other than a superfan or brand advocate is going to spend longer than 5 minutes reading a 2000 word blog about how you activated. So, avoid pushing your brand’s narrative down their throats and instead provide real value to the fans with emotive, informative and authentic content.

After all, they’re the ones who’ll geek out over your blogs and share what they’ve learnt with their friends. Use long form content to provide them with their special bounty: a step-by-step break-down of the activation that they’re mad about. Offer them an all-access pass and let them re-live your experience via your content. If you place them under the bonnet of what they’re passionate about, they can reminisce about it to their heart’s content, again and again.