Make a statement of service, quality and expertise



Liquified Natural Gas


Exhibition Design

Video Production

Graphic Design


13m x 3m LED wall

27,000 attendees

Gastech 19 Houston

Make a statement of service, quality and expertise

Our task was to launch this newly listed business to the worlds industry experts and technology innovators. As the new kid on the block, we felt we would struggle for airtime against the established players in the worlds oil and gas sector. With this in mind, we had to make a statement that reflected the USP of the business – namely, experience, quality, knowledge and leadership.

Rather than competing for air time through gimmicks and noise, we chose to create an oasis in the exhibition hall, a space where every detail was considered and where we could reach out to, and directly communicate with our target execs. We focussed on providing a true first class experience they would not want to miss.

Pre-show we created a hand made invitation, that was hand delivered to each of our target customers. The beautiful invitation was a die cut landscape with a subtle Tellurian logo. This intricate detail was continued in every aspect of the exhibition presence.

The stand was conceived to reflect the level of detail of a 5 star hospitality experience, the design was big, bold and confident yet refined and subtle. Where competitors were displaying large graphics and mission statements of innovation, we left our walls open and in a break with the traditional use of laminate finish we went for architectural finishes. A 6m high video wall and floor provided a focal point and backed a stylish cocktail bar, but again the wall was remiss of corporate speak.

World Exhibition Stand Awards winner

Meeting rooms were majestic with 6m high walling and doors, contemporary chandeliers and hand made furniture. The meeting room tables were crafted from wood hand picked by our design team and the chairs were hand made from with leather chosen at the tannery. No stone was left unturned in our quest to make a statement of professionalism service and expertise –  even the bar and hospitality staff were hand picked to ensure a 5 star experience.

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