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260,000 copies printed

€1.2M generated in sales

61% increase in sales

8 languages

Bang & Olufsen is the Danish consumer electronics company known the world over for their icon design and best in class audio quality. They approached us to help them unlock sales in the hotel sector, an area they had previously struggled to penetrate. Key to our solution was the need for a value proposition – a reason for hoteliers to pay a premium to have B&O as their in-room entertainment.

€1.2M generated in sales

Our strategy was to create a hotel guide for existing B&O global customers – hotels which only featured B&O in-room entertainment. Buying B&O would now give hotels not just a superior quality entertainment product their existing guests would love, it would give them access to a million+ customer base of high net worth individuals.

It couldn’t be ‘just another hotel guide’, we knew it had to connect with B&O customers and represent the values of the brand. Our research showed that B&O fans loved the brand for its famous ‘one control for everything’ from TV channels to light mood. It was legendary for being heavy and somewhat non-intuitive to use, but when a B&O customer sat down in front of a BeoVision TV in a hotel they felt they were home.

61% increase in enterprise sales

We christened our guide ‘Hygge’; a Danish word that expresses a strong sense of well being and belonging – the emotional connection we have to feeling at home.

The new beautifully presented coffee table style book was printed in 8 languages and was distributed to B&O customers via the global network of B&O stores as well as online at Hotels clamoured to be included with print delayed so a Spanish hotel could be included at the last minute. Overall it helped the brand achieve a 61% increase in enterprise sales in one year.

260,000 copies

“A unique and authentic expression of our brand and simply the most excellent and creative publication by Bang & Olufsen for a long time.”
Torben, CEO
, Bang & Oulfsen

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