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$1 billion green investments

Lyxor ETF, a subsidiary of Société Générale Group, had the bold vision to get investors to change the world, by fighting climate change with pioneering investments dedicated to limiting global temperature rises to below 1.5°C.

We were tasked with creating a market-leading ‘full-funnel’ campaign in just 8 weeks.

Creative Development

Advancing an existing striped visual lexicon and distilling complex climate science into a simple message, we created our own language for more climate friendly investing. This was combined with powerful emotive imagery to get a commercially minded audience to take action.

Campaign Deliverables

Carefully targeted, multi-language advertising, email and CRM directed investor traffic to our newly constructed Climate Hub. This hosted over 60 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related blog and video content, an expansive 80 page Climate Guide and a proprietary CoTool.

Simple and easy to use, the CoTool enabled investors to quickly assess the climate impact of their portfolios, encouraging a shift to more climate-friendly investing.

We also orchestrated a 60 minute Virtual Masterclass – a live-streamed magazine show to unveil Lyxor’s new Climate range – hosted by an award-winning BBC presenter and featuring thought-leadership presentations from internationally renowned experts. Direct connection to the audience was enabled through fully moderated comments, live polling and Q&A, ensuring a fully interactive and immersive experience.

Full CRM integration captured user-data for bespoke post-event communications and sales follow-ups.

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