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412% increase in online sales

728% increase in page views

320% increase in unrelated page views

G-Technology specialise in external storage drives, designed for professional creative, photography and AV markets. Predominantly a US based company, they needed a launch to introduce them to the European market.

Our strategy was the play on the creative nature of the audience, devising an online competition to find the best budding creatives that Europe had to offer.

412% increase in online sales

Competition drove traffic to the G-Technology website, encouraging visitors to engage with the product range online.


Driven Creativity encouraged professional designers, photographers, film-makers, and animators to upload their work to the European G-Technology website in a bid to win $10,000 towards their next creative project. The competition was extended onto social, by the creatives engaging their friends to vote for their entry.

728% increase in page views

The competition generated 892,547 page views across six weeks.

Online voting ran for six weeks, generating a shortlist of work, which was eventually judged by a panel of leading industry creatives.

The best work was highlighted via G-Technology, both online and off through an exhibition in London, complete with master classes from influencers and G-Team members.

320% increase

In non-competition related page views

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