What Terry Crews can Teach Brands about Facebook Live

Terry Crews, all personality and even more muscle, has been building a PC with his son.


– Terry Crews is building a gaming PC with his son and streaming the journey
– People passionate about what they do is inherently watchable
– Make your audience co-author in your story
– Use video streaming to convey one part in a longer term story

Terry Crews, all personality and even more muscle, has been building a PC with his son. His kid is an avid PC gamer, so Terry has joined the “PC Master Race” as he calls it. I never imagined Terry as a gamer but by the looks of it, he’s a pretty sweet parent that’s just using gaming to connect with his kids.

He has been documenting the process of building his own custom PC gaming rig via his Facebook page in a series of live videos. They are insanely funny, highly watchable and 100% Terry – check them outhere.

In watching this series I’ve picked up a couple of pointers on how brands can make the most of their live streaming experience:


I wasn’t the biggest fan of Terry before hearing about this build, but he’s gone and got me hooked. Not only is he a natural presenter but his passion is infectious. It’s coming from a genuine and honest place that makes these videos feel credible. He’s transporting me into his home and taking me along for the journey.


Terry is a newb when it comes to building his PC. But he’s using his community to help take him in the right direction. He shoutouts to users as they comment in the video and constantly shows them kit he has bought and asks for their feedback on what to do next. All viewers feel part of the experience. Terry has made us both the audience and director.


Terry is only building the PC because he wants to hang out more with his son and be a good parent. Terry discusses parenting tips in his videos and mentions that gaming time is a reward for his childrens’ accomplishments. They even have a dream board where they write down what they want to be when they grow up and fill these with motivational quotes. It’s Parenting 2.0 and heartwarming.

One video won’t tell your whole brand story but it can start to build on a longer-term message. Terry’s telling a story about being a good father to his kids, and what it means to be a role-model.

I’m not sure where the PC rig is going to take Terry but I wish him all the best, with his legions of fans behind him I’m sure he’ll do just fine. Hopefully if I am lucky I might see one live, if not I’ll happily watch one when they’re up. Let’s not forget, if it’s worth watching, live video gets archived and watched again.

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