Julian Treasure’s TED talk will make you a better speaker and presenter; all in under 10 minutes.

I’ve been on a hunt to watch the best TED talks; it’s a process that’s taken me a few months and uncovered a few spectacular gems. One of which is this presentation on How to speak so that people want to listen. With 9 million views it’s in the top 25 TED talks of all time. It’s hosted by Julian Treasure (great surname!), who is a Sound Consultant, meaning that he helps businesses to understand sound and how to make it work for them – a job I didn’t know existed until now.


His presentation offers practical advice that you can take into your next meeting presentation;. Such as the seven deadly sins of speaking and how to use them. His toolbox includes four cornerstones of effective speech – HAIL (Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and Love).


Warm up your voice. This is my favourite part of his talk (8 minutes into the video), exercises that seem very silly but are all designed to get your vocal chords warmed up and ready to deliver. I’ve found myself doing before client meetings and new business pitches. It struck me that although we labor over the content of our speeches we do not take the time to warm up our presentations the same way we do so with our bodies before a run.


P.S. In another of Justin’s talk he discusses the concept of sound health. We have evolved to hear natural noises such as wind, weather and birds. If you are in a noisy office one of the worst things you can do is replace noise with noise. I have started listening to Natural Sounds on Spotify. It’s really helped me concentrate (I listened to it when writing this blog) and out of the office, it’s allowed me to easily focus on reading material when I’m commuting. Enjoy!

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