New joiners blog: Ritesh & Livvy

Joining a new agency can be a pretty daunting experience, but Ritesh and I feel like the transition has been pretty seamless.

Starting in the lead up to Christmas has been a pretty flat out experience! Welcome lunches, inductions, so many new names, the Christmas party, client introductions and the inevitable winter cold. It’s definitely been a bit of a whirlwind.


Day to Day


Outside of the day to day bits, clients, emails, calls, meetings, the dreaded timesheet, there’s a wider view of your job role, and the role that you play within Collider. Questions are good, wider interests outside of your area of focus are encouraged and nurtured, hard work and effort are recognised, positive feedback is shared and big ideas are encouraged.

one thing stands out above the rest


All agencies talk about the company culture, but Collider really does embody a positive working environment. No matter how manic things are, how tight the client deadlines are, and boy have the last couple of weeks been busy, the people at Collider always make time for a little bit of fun. Whether it’s a couple of drinks at Collibar on a Friday evening, breakfast on a Monday, having lunch around the table in the War Room each day, a cheery good morning from Anisha as you arrive, or Karel’s seemingly endless supply of treats, the culture here is pretty special.

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