Mentor programme: Mia and Livvy

This week we hear from Livvy and Mia; the latest participants in our mentor programme.

Our mentor programme is a way of welcoming new recruits to the agency, and promoting cross-department relations.

It’s a way of newbies having someone to go to who isn’t necessarily part of their day to day role or even in their department and give them a different perspective on anything; good or bad.

It also gives them a chance to get out of the office and have a good natter over a coffee or lunch. This week we’re hearing from Livvy (the newbie) and Mia (the mentor), to see how this programme has helped them…



The mentor programme was something completely new to me – I’d never had that kind of support in previous jobs. It was great to have an extra friendly face in the office, especially outside of my team as it helped strengthen my relationships with people from all the different departments.

I was able to ask any questions I had – even ones I thought were a bit silly. And it was always a great excuse to get out of the office and try a new cafe in the area!



What I found great is that it gave me the opportunity to get involved with a new recruit right from the get go, rather than the (sometimes awkward!) kitchen chats you have when you’re both in there making a cuppa.

It definitely provides a great building block between departments, and helps inter-office relationships. It also gave me the opportunity to build my own skills in helping someone develop within the first few weeks of their new role.

Plus, like Livvy said, it’s a great excuse to get out for a coffee!


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