Live Streaming 101 – For Brands

How Trump’s social media campaign won the live streaming war and why Buzzfeed thinks people watch live videos.

This morning I sat in on an event discussing live streaming via social networks. Topics ranged from the most popular live streams so far, the current state of technology and the opportunities for brands. Below is a collection of the most relevant takeaways.


Trump won the election on social

Although not entirely in relation to live streaming, Trump’s social media strategy and engagement did beat Clinton’s. His campaign focussed on creating live content primarily via Facebook which allowed him to connect with voters, while Clinton focussed heavily on TV advertising.

Trumps notorious apology video received 24 million views and although it has been criticised, the engagement is clear. An overwhelming majority of viewers responded positively with 440K likes. This article on Campaign provides great analysis on Trump’s social media victory.


why live videos get watched

The team at Buzzfeed shared their thoughts on the elements that make live streams watchable:


before creating a live video

If you are looking to create a live stream, here are some key recommendations to bear in mind:

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