Setting goals and sticking to them

From choosing the right ones and avoiding the pitfalls – turns out, there’s a lot to know when you’re setting yourself goals.

I was lucky enough to get in on a SheSays‘ event recently; setting goals and sticking to them with Dawn Sillet.

After not having made any resolutions/goals in 2016, I saw 2017 as the perfect opportunity to do so, and so I went along with the hope that I’d get the secret key to making them a success.

Below are some exercises you can practice when you are next planning your goals:

Understanding what went wrong

Being honest with yourself and understand why your previous goals didn’t work out:

  1. It was vague
  2. Unrealistic
  3. Too many
  4. Not really me
  5. No plan = no habit


Dream big

Take a moment. Sit in a chair, both feet firmly planted on the floor, let your shoulder drop, and shut your eyes.

Then ask yourself these things:

We want to start big and break it down into manageable chunks.


Why am I here?

Understand your purpose in life – why are you here? It sounds like a big scary question, but in reality it can help you focus.

Oprah Winfrey’s is to be a teacher, and Richard Branson’s is to have fun and learn from his mistakes.

So what’s yours?


Figure out your values

What are 3 – 5 values that would make you walk away from a job? Family? Love? Handwork? Creativity?

Values are dealmakers and deal breakers.

Figure our what yours are and make sure your goals aren’t working against them.


Find out your strengths

It’s harder than it sounds, and we often overlook strengths because they come easy to us.

Ask someone to appraise your strengths and work from there. And make sure your goals play to them,


Break the goal down

Now, here comes the hard part: breaking your goals down to manageable chunks.

Take a blank piece of paper. Draw a ladder on your page, and at the top write 365 days. Then next to it, write what 365 days looks like.

Then further down the ladder write 270 days – what does this look like?

Then do the same for 180, 90, 30, and 7 days. With each one break down your goal into actions you can do within these time periods.

Finally, write down one thing you can do TODAY to reach that goal, and then go do it!

Do this ladder for each of your goals.


Go achieve them!


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