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Read how we brought Monkey, from the PG Tips ad’s, to life through the power of Facebook Messenger and AI.

Tea breaks are a time to relax, energise and enjoy. A real feel good moment. When we received a brief to help support PG tips and Red Nose Day we naturally brewed up a cuppa to think. Raise #1millionlaughs you ask? Sure thing, we just needed a little help from our favourite spokesmonkey… Monkey.

So we trucked back to Unilever and asked, “What if Monkey joined our tea breaks to say ‘hi’ and bring a daily laugh? Who wouldn’t like to have a chat with Monkey?” They rather agreed.

The idea was quite simple, get Monkey to pop over and join us on our breaks for a brew and a laugh, a welcome addition to tea breaks around the country, raising laughs, awareness and money as he went.

Being a rather busy Monkey, he was a little hard to pin down… so we had to settle on the next best thing – Monkey powered AI. And so we introduced Monkey Bot, Monkey’s own Facebook Messenger channel where he reached out during tea breaks to deliver jokes, bring chuckles and help raise 1 million laughs for Red Nose Day.

The plan was simple, people could connect with Monkey in Messenger, where he asked questions to find out when their tea break was. Then each day, at the allotted time, Monkey would join them with a gut busting joke and rich content that became an anticipated and welcomed part of the tea break. People could also ask Monkey all about Red Nose Day, Comic relief and PG tips. Irreverent as ever, some questions provoked quirky responses from the nation’s favourite monkey.

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