Commit to Something

Equinox relaunches their hard-hitting and successful campaign; ‘Commit to Something’. Showing that it’s not always about coming up with brand new ideas, but evolving what works and sustaining the love.

As well as working on the business development team at Collider, my alter ego comes out at 6:30am when I’m sitting on a bike as a spin instructor at Equinox’s London based Gym in Kensington.

I was already a big fan of their 2016 campaign which featured high-fashion model, Lydia Hearst, which courted controversy on social media with a risqué print.


But this year’s campaign which builds on the “commit to something” foundation goes deeper; it’s not only motivating, but also tackles some cultural issues – in a similar way that “This Girl Can” did when it first launched.

The new set of images, shows model Samantha Paige (main image), representing “survival and self-commitment”. In the image she’s exposing her bare chest having undergone a double mastectomy following thyroid cancer and a positive test for for the BRCA1 gene which increases the risk for breast and ovarian cancers.

Carlos Becil, Equinox’s executive vice-president and chief marketing officer says the fitness chain wanted to tackle the topics rarely addressed in advertising, and as such its first push of the year dares viewers to take a stance and look inward, even if doing so makes them feel uncomfortable.


A different kind of launch

At a recent event hosted by Collider, we discussed various types of launches. Relaunching “Commit to Something” is a great example of what Del Manning, Creative Director here at Collider, puts down as “Big Push and Sustaining the Love”.  This approach centres on a big push (the launch) followed by a sustained series of marketing activities and develops a community that users want to be part of. And relaunching with #committosomething means that Equinox can build on an already engaged conversation which they own. With over 60,000 posts on Instagram and more on Twitter, Social Media is a key channel for sustaining the post-launch love. Read more here.

This campaign by Equinox shows that they understand who they are and their purpose in society. “We’re in the business of changing lives at Equinox, so we’ve learned firsthand that going ‘all in’ on anything—whether it be a workout, a cause or yourself—will undoubtedly get you one step closer to finding out who you really are.”

If you need a gutsy campaign, or want to find more about the different types of launches, and what would work for your brand, give us a call, we love to chat…

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