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As an agency working with quite a few foodie clients, we’re always being given wonderful products to sell and more importantly, sample! And it’s fair to say that food is very close to the agency’s heart.

Taste of London is running from 14th to 18th June, gracing Regent’s Park with all things food related. From pop up restaurants by some of the most well known eateries in London and one-off dishes created specifically for the event, to artisan producers enticing you with their wares.

For us as an agency, an opportunity like this cannot be missed – a chance to dip into the world of some of our clients, to get to know the landscapes they operate in, and to see first-hand what gets their audiences going. Sampling some delicious food along the way has nothing to do with it…absolutely nothing.

We visited Taste of London to see our much loved client Manomasa at their bespoke taqueria (which we might have had a little something to do with). You can sample the Manomasa spirit for yourself until Sunday 18th June.



While we were there, we did a quick whip round to give you the low down on the dishes you cannot afford to miss if you’re heading to the festival this weekend.


Taste Makers of London

Carrot and spiced halloumi salad with carrot top pesto, by @melissa.hemsley

Veggie food was a little thin on the ground tbh, so it would have been rude to not give the halloumi salad a go. Flavours were super fresh, and from now on I’m ribboning every carrot I come into contact with.

3/5 – as ever, there wasn’t enough cheese 🙁

Salted butterscotch popcorn cheesecake, by @rosiefoodie

5/5 – get this in you. Twice.

Little José

Squid ink croquetas

Perfectly crunchy on the outside, deliciously soft and garlicky on the inside. Like a savoury Daim bar.

4/5 – points for crunch.

Ember Yard

Courgette and mint arancini, whipped ricotta and shaved fennel

A little too crumbly. The whipped ricotta was absolutely heavenly though, and the sunflower seeds were a nice touch.

2/5 – all points go to the whipped ricotta.

Balls & Company

Manchego churros with quince paste

We were SO excited about this one, but it totally fell flat. I was expecting a warm gooey goodness, but it was greasy and doughy, and not nearly enough Manchego. You would do better with a Cheese Dipper from McDonalds. What a cheeseless wonder.

1/5 – for the quince paste.

Club Gascon

Duck foie gras doughnut, spicy dip

Steve was super excited to try this. After queuing for 45 minutes (absolutely quackers!), they had sold out of this particular dish, so I think it’s fair to say it was probably pretty damn delicious.

We’re assuming it would be a full 5/5…if we had been able to try it.

As first timers as Taste, we loved it! Top tip would be to get there early and whip round the food first, then find yourself a place to settle down as the queues are ridiculous! Tag team dipping out to get food, and enjoy the gin in the sun this weekend!

Taste of London is on until Sunday 18th June.

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