An ode to the gif

A long overdue tribute to ‘mother of the meme’ – the magnificent .gif

Oh GIF, you joyful animation

You are due some exaltation

For your low-tech presentation

Of a copyright violation


You’ve been the king since Angelfire

Source of the lolz we all desire

You proliferate because you don’t require

Any codecs or anything like that


Looping forever or… just three times

I love how you pixelate my designs

Resplendent, in 16 colours, shines

Your true value. As it ever climbs


The pièce de résistance of the net

We’ve not had enough of you yet

You rinse all the data that I get

Because your compression isn’t nearly effective enough for the content people are trying to get over in your file format


GIF, GIF, GIF with a hard G

Despite what the creator says your name might be

Please stay around with… me

Because you’re better than a .gifv


~ Joshua

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