What new tech is out there?

So, Mark went to ISE in Amsterdam to do some “research” on new “technologies”. Of course he did.

Oh….apparently he actually did. Here’s what he saw….


What is that I hear you yell; “What on earth does an event called ‘Integrated Systems Europe’ have to do with my marketing campaign?”.

Well, experiential agencies are always looking for inspiration. It’s shows like ISE that demonstrate the latest tech and act as a forum for sharing the latest trends, enabling geeks like me to get excited about what we can do for our clients! ISE and its US counterpart, CES, are breeding grounds for ideas that enable the creation of great experiential campaigns.

However, do not fear, this is not an article about the tech specs of the latest gadgets and what that means to its processing speed, rather a look at how we can take this arsenal of new technology and make it work hand in hand with great messaging to create progressive and engaging marketing experiences.

Here are the top 5 products i saw, that i think will impact how we go about using technology to tell your stories in the future.

Number 5: Transparent glass actually works.

Gone are the days of small transparent screens in perfectly lit boxes, the next generation of transparent screens are here and LG are leading the way with their new Transparent OLED Digital signage.

This beautiful product is perfect for answering that age old request “we want the space to feel more open”. With the correct architectural implementation, you can not only add intrigue to a space, but it can also offer a prominent screen at the heart of the environment without creating a visual block.

If you wish to go even further, add a transparent touch overlay to the screen and bingo, you’ve created an interactive exhibit that will really excite and entertain.

Number 4: Holograms by Hyper VSN

One of the more talked about exhibition stands at both ISE and CES was Hyper VSN. They have been demonstrating their take on Hologram tech, with some great results. Is this a passing gimmick? Possibly. Will it make a huge impact and be a focal point to any environment? 100%.
Hyper VSN’s software platform and hardware work together to create stunning 3D visuals, perceived as hi-resolution holograms floating in mid-air.

The system is completely scalable, with the core elements being reasonably cost effective, which enables small more cost effective deployments alongside jaw dropping large scale executions (with a hefty price tag).

Take a look at CNET’s review of the product at CES.


Number 3: Be Ready For the Next Stage of Gamification

AV Magazine are predicting that advanced Gamification is the next frontier for AV suppliers and it is no different for experiential marketing.

As the next batch of decision makers come of age, we need to be ready to engage on a different level. This is a generation that is programmed to explore through fun and immersive digital content. How do we continue to close the gap from a sales tools to a fun interactive that both educates and engages the audience?

Brands such as Oculus Rift are transforming the capabilities of the VR platform, major touch screen supplier Multitaction are continually improving their touch screen interfaces, so it is undeniable that tools are coming on to the market that will revolutionise how we speak to our customers. If the message is right and the story is engaging, the solution is out there to create a memorable experience.

One of the more fun exhibits on display at ISE was by Optoma and their Augmented Climbing Wall. Not the strongest solution for telling your brand story, but what a way to make an impression!

Number 2: CRM integration comes as standard.

Often, the briefs I receive request ROI. Sadly, all too often it’s on the back page. Fortunately, this is slowly changing and there is now kit out there to help make this CRM integration and defined ROI tracking easier and more integrated with the experience.

Not only does this data enrich your client profiles by being integrated into systems such as salesforce, it also enables the tailoring of on stand experiences through direct targeting of digital content. Using software systems such as Ventuz and integrating recognition systems such as RFI and QR we are able to tailor on-stand experiences, insuring the dwell time of your customers is harnessed most efficiently capturing topics of interest to allow us to continue the conversation long past the event.

Number 1: LG Oled Canyon

You cannot talk about either ISE or CES without mentioning the LG Oled Canyon exhibition space. This breath taking demonstration space for their new Oled range demonstrates the impact this product will have on the future of exhibition building. Not only will this product offer flexibility and quality it also won’t hurt your North American drayage bills, with a 65” screen weighing in at just of 50 lbs.


In Summary

Fundamentally, all of this great new tech has the ability to wow your customers, to capture their data and to tell your story

– Data Capture can be integrated to allow you to create experiences that are bespoke to your customer and define ROI
– Gamification can help facilitate this transference of data, increase dwell time and offer bespoke customer experiences.
– The technology is out there, from transparent screens, curved screens and wallpaper thin screens. The next generation of technology is out there. The future of exhibitions is bright…….

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