Amazon hits a $1 trillion valuation and Twitter cracks down on social media hate speak

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Amazon hits $1 trillion valuation


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This week Amazon hit $1 trillion in market capitalisation, barely a month after Apple hit the mark. Amazon has long transcended from its original E-commerce roots. Today it’s an octopus with tentacles seemingly everywhere, limited only by governments who may want to place limits on its growth – Trump has regularly come out and attacked Amazon and their business practices. Amazon’s valuation reflects changing consumer behaviours and a fundamental shift in how we shop – online shopping in the UK climbed nine percentage points this year, that’s according to a new study by the Royal Mail. From the young to the old, city dwellers to country homes, the future of retail has arrived and it’s online. Find out more…

Twitter bans Alex Jones


Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist, hate monger and seller of vitamin supplements finally ran afoul of Twitter this week who permanently banned him from the platform. This follows Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Apple and Spotify who all banned him earlier this year. What finally caused Twitter to take notice was Alex Jones’ use of Periscope to attack and bully CNN journalist Oliver Darcy during the senate hearing of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The ban has opened up a debate over the role of free speech and how to define the social media giants – are they media companies or  computer services? Expect the next 12 months to see increased scrutiny placed on world’s biggest tech giants. Find out more…

Brands are failing to tackle hate


The overwhelming majority of brands (88.7%), according to a survey of community managers, are silencing hateful comments rather than responding; just 11% respond. That’s the finding of ‘Braving Thesh’, a brand new study by We Are Social which looked into the topic of hate speech online.  According to the research a brand’s social presence is “representative of the business and its values”.  Failing to address hate looks like complicity. In order to tackle this topic We Are Social  advises brands to implement an anti-hate policy, which needs to be clear, visible, and accessible. Find out more…

Instagram aims to tackle online shopping


Instagram is set to introduce a standalone app dedicated to shopping. It’s not an unusual move from the photo sharing platform, businesses are increasingly using the platform to drive sales. However what makes this news noteworthy is how it would herald a move away from integrating purchases into the app. A model that WeChat has for a long-time adopted; integrating browse, purchase and pay functions all within the app itself. With many platforms concerned with audiences crossing over to other apps, it has yet to be seen whether there’s a limit to apps people are willing to download in addition to the Instagram app. Find out more…

The future IS brand experience…

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This week Campaign released its very first report on the Future of Brand Experiences, identifying some of the key trends and key players, and yes Collider gets a shout out in the list. With brand marketers set to continue investing more of their budget in experiential and consumer appetite showing no signs of abating, particularly amongst that experience-hungry ‘millennial’ bunch, it’s no wonder that some of the big hitting ad agencies are getting in on the act. Mother’s ‘Wonderful everyday’ tour for Ikea’s store launch in Sheffield, was one such example, along with Adam&Eve DDB’s CALM installation to highlight male suicides. Longer experiences, such as Bombay Sapphire’s The Grand Journey, are also becoming popular – and in some instances brands are even being so bold as to ticket these experiences. Find out more…

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