Brewdog moves into TV and Adidas wins on Snapchat

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Facebook Watch goes global

Facebook Watch goes global

Launching globally this week, Facebook’s TV-style service – Facebook Watch – reveals the social media giant’s aim to take on the established TV industry. The service will allow customers to view and record clips to their timeline. Likewise, the platform will also allow content creators to feature advertising breaks, as long as they hit certain metrics. Expect to see a new emergence of influencer style shows catering to a digital native audience. Find out more…



Adidas wins big with Snapchat


Adidas revealed this week how its Snapchat e-commerce activation was a big success. In partnership with on-demand fulfilment service Darkstore, Adidas used Snapchat to pre-release a new style of sneaker – the Falcon W shoe – earlier this month. As a result, the shoe appeared on a Snapchat show called Fashion 5 Ways, during which customers could swipe up to buy the shoe through a Shopify-powered experience. According to the sportswear company, the pre-release sold out in just 6 hours. Read more


Brewdog moves into TV


Counter-culture craft brewer BrewDog made the move into Netflix style streaming this week with the unveiling of the BrewDog Network. Consequently, The BrewDog Network will feature more than 100 hours of content and introduce 14 original shows including ‘Brown Bag Wine Tasting’ with William Shatner. To get people excited, the company is offering a week-long free trial for those who want to sample its new video service. It’s an innovative move and a sign that BrewDog is hoping to lean on its brand equity and a fanaticism around its output to drive hype around the shows, and of course the beer. Have a look


Volkswagen is set to invest €3.5bn in digital services


Volkswagen is seeing its future as a “mobility service provider with a connected fleet” and has taken two significant steps towards this goal. Last week they announced they would invest €3.5bn ($4bn) by 2025 to build digital businesses and services. As a result, innovations include software to facilitate autonomous driving as well as the launch of an all-electric car-sharing scheme in Berlin. The company hopes that by moving into digital services it will generate sales of about €1bn by 2025. Find out more…


Trump takes on Google


Trump went on Twitter this week to attack Google’s supposed biases towards him. In his most sustained attack to date, the president railed against the negative news Google serves up on him claiming 96% of results on ‘Trump News’ are from ‘National Left-Wing Media’. Although he’s showing ignorance of Google’s result algorithms here, it is true that there is a troubling side to the search giant. Google can and does wield huge power via the popularity of its information retrieval platform. Google’s algorithmic engines are proprietary black boxes with no or little independent oversight. So while the president fails to understand technology, he has exposed a lack of transparency from our tech giants. Read more… 

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