Strategic Snapchat thinking

Snapchat offers a fun, playful and instant way to connect with audiences, but a little strategic thinking is required.

With the news that brands are opening Snapchat accounts and then abandoning them just as fast, it’s time to remember that a little bit of strategic thinking goes a long way when deciding if a burgeoning new social channel is right for your brand.


Why should i use snapchat in the first place?


Snapchat has its strengths; it is a great way to inject personality into a brand’s marketing efforts, and to show customers they are moving with the times. And even better, it can be exceptionally low-cost, as the best Snapchat content is often rough, imperfect and relatable.

As in the article on eMarketer, many brands are put off by Snapchat because they ‘don’t fit in with their existing content strategy’. But this is really the whole point: while conventional social channels enable you to publish informative or in-depth content that users can take time reading and come back to, Snapchat is meant to be a rough-and-ready channel where fans can be in the moment with you and see things not possible on other channels.

But that doesn’t mean that strategic thinking shouldn’t play a part before you sign up for that account.


How should i use snapchat?


We recently wrote an insight piece with top tips on how to reinvigorate your marketing efforts with Snapchat, and if you stick to them be able to build a meaningful channel that won’t need to be abandoned. Here are a few:


  1. Sneak peak and VIP access – Use Snapchat to give your most loyal followers a sneak peak, VIP access or an exclusive preview.
  2. Get the creative juices flowing – The platform is a great place to share your brand personality and show how it’s unique. It can even act as a testing ground for fresh content angles.
  3. Add value through vouchers and competitions – Offer vouchers, coupons or special offers that your followers can’t get anywhere else.
  4. Aim for engagement and discussion – Encourage your audience to interact with your brand, ‘Snap you back’ or share a bespoke filter.
  5. Embrace transparency –Snapchat users love raw, imperfect and unpolished content, as it feels personal and trustworthy.


For brands that want to experiment with new ways of engaging customers, Snapchat is perfect for reaching new audiences and revitalising your brand. Now is the perfect time to have a look at the opportunities for your brand on the platform and put plans in place for 2017. Just remember to do a little strategic thinking first.


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