Searching for Love – With Google Trends

In 2016, the total consumer spend on Valentine’s Day was reaching £550m making this one of the biggest retail events of the year.

Valentine’s Day is not just a time for lovers, but also an exciting time for businesses who want to help people celebrate that perfect day.

With the help of some Google data & insights, let’s explore some online moments and charming searches that makes it the most romantic day of the year.

Searching for something special

Searching for food

Searching for music

Source: Google Doodles – Searching for Love

Finding a date

Apps are the new matchmakers. One in three Americans meet their spouse online. (, 2013)

Searching for kisses

Who better than Google to ask if you too shy to ask a person.

Popping the question

Tying the Knot

Valentine’s Day evolves as we do. It’s closely entwined with our behaviours, attitudes and how we see each other.

Hopefully some of this data will help you understand how Google helps people find and fall in love.


Sources: Google Trends, Youtube Data & Google Adwords

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