In the months leading up to the holidays, most brands have a good understanding of how to talk to their customers. By now, everyone is familiar with the standard pre-holiday email marketing strategies: Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, 241, free shipping, etc. They’re all well-known concepts, but they’re still very effective.

But, when Boxing days hits, we suddenly hit a very unfamiliar territory for even the best of brands. Simply put, this time of the year is a marketing messaging vacuum where all the familiar pre-holiday marketing messages just don’t apply anymore.

What does a smart marketer do? Consider these four strategies when crafting your next post-holiday email campaign:


  1. Talk directly to people who just got a gift card.

Figures show, the total spent on gift cards will exceed £2 billion in 2017*. Furthermore, over 50% of people said they’d like to receive gift cards this year. Gift cards always seem to be close to the top of most people’s holiday wish list.

Speak directly to all those people who have gift cards burning a hole in their pockets by sending an email that’s about “self-gifting.”

*UKGCVA 2017 Summary


  1. Think about what your brand offers in a new light and discover how it applies to the post-holiday customer.

You already know all the great products and services your company offers, and in most cases, you’re already familiar with the common ways to talk about those things to your customers. But don’t let the old tried-and-true ways keep you from coming up with new ways your brand can become more relevant to customers after the holiday rush. BT, Virgin, and other internet/cable service companies, who don’t seem to be strongly related to the Christmas season, discovered a post-holiday need that they were all qualified to fulfil. What would this need be? Many people would be receiving tablets as gifts and these brands offer plenty of ways people could get the most out of their new device. All you need to do is find what your brands unique avenue is.


  1. Do a “Best Of 2017” list with your most popular products and services from the closing year. 

The days directly after the holidays are usually a relaxing time when many people take this extra free time to look back and fondly remember their favourite memories of the year. Be a part of that warm and fuzzy nostalgic feeling while also gently reminding your customers of your best items.


  1. Ease off the hard sell and send a friendly message to build brand loyalty. 

We all love a holiday deal but even your most die-hard customers might get a little fatigued from all the holiday related selling. Make sure to let people know you still appreciate them whether they want to purchase something or not, and deepen your relationship with customers by sending a simple branded goodwill message.


Hopefully these tips will get you off to great start with your post-holiday email marketing, however be sure to allow yourself enough time to create and refine your campaigns to their best.


Written by Damon Cartwright – eCRM Manager

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