Jeremy Corbyn is winning – Google Search data

Exploring the UK election through Google Search data

It’s election day and we thought of updating the blog post we did a few weeks ago about the UK Elections from the eyes of Google Search.

UK search interest of the top 5 search parties

Even though Labour has more than twice the searches of the Conservatives, ‘what is a hung parliament?’ is the 2nd most for question of the last 7 days in

  1. Who should I vote for?
  2. What is a hung parliament?
  3. Who won the debate?
  4. How to vote?
  5. Will Labour win?

Top political issues searched for in the last 7 days

  1. Tax
  2. Housing
  3. NHS
  4. Brexit
  5. Immigration

Explore top issues in your area [interactive map]

Created by the Google News lab using CartoDB

Search Interest in “Join the….” In the last 7 days

  1.  Labour Party (67%)
  2. Conservative Party (9%)
  3. Liberal Democrats (9%)
  4. SNP (6%)
  5. Other (9%)

Labour party’s manifesto is the most searched for political manifesto in the last 7 days

  1. Labour party
  2. Conservative
  3. Liberal Democrats
  4. Ukip
  5. SNP

BBC election debate: who won on search?


Top Questions on the Conservatives

  1. Why vote Conservative?
  2. How many seats do the Conservatives have?
  3. Will the Conservatives win in 2017?
  4. Why are the Conservatives called ‘Tories’?
  5. How long have the Conservatives been in power?

Top Questions on the Labour Party

  1. Will Labour win?
  2. Why vote Labour?
  3. Why not vote for Labour?
  4. Can Labour win?
  5. Is Labour left-wing?

Top Questions on the Liberal Democrats

  1. Who is the leader of the Lib Dems?
  2. Why vote Lib Dem?
  3. How many Lib Dem MPs are there?
  4. What do the Lib Dems stand for?
  5. Who is my Lib Dem candidate?

Top Questions on the SNP

  1. How many SNP MPs are there?
  2. What is the SNP?
  3. Is the SNP left-wing?
  4. Who is the leader of the SNP?
  5. How many seats will the SNP win?

Top Questions on the Ukip

  1. What does ‘Ukip’ stand for?
  2. Who is the leader of Ukip?
  3. Why vote Ukip?
  4. Is there a Ukip candidate in my area?
  5. Are Ukip racist?

Top Questions on the Green party

  1. Who is the leader of the Green party?
  2. How many Green party MPs are there?
  3. Is Caroline Lucas vegan?
  4. What is the Green party?
  5. Who is the co-leader of the Green party?

And on a lighter note 🙂


Google News, Google Search Data & Google Adwords

All data collected for the last 7 days as of 8/06/17.

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