The importance of understanding your current CRM database

In today’s age we can confidently say people use the internet and various online methods to consume information an ever-increasing rate.

This means organisations are focused on ensuring their message reaches thousands or, if possible, millions of users. So naturally, acquiring users through gaining their email address or any other means of contact is big business.

However, before you acquire more users an organisation must understand how to retain and keep their current users engaged, otherwise you will simply fill your database with disengaged and disinterested customers. This concept is known as engagement erosion.


So how can we keep our current users engaged?

  1. Know your user – find out who they are and what they like
  2. Do not mass blast your information; make it relevant and customised to the customer
  3. Understand and accept your users will go through various cycles of engagement
  4. Prepare different strategies depending on where your customer is in the life cycle, i.e. engaged, lapsed or dormant
  5. Do not just leave your database – monitor the behaviour
  6. Be proactive rather than reactive

Remember – there is little point in acquiring more users if you don’t know how to retain your current ones.


Rightful consent is also very important in building a strong relationship with your customer. See the new laws which will coming into effect from 2018 regarding data regulation.

If you want any further reading on how to keep your CRM database engaged, e-consultancy do a brilliant job explaining this further in their white paper which can be downloaded here. And here are some blogs around CRM which I’d highly recommend you give a read.

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