Devising an effective social strategy

Still trying to work out where social fits in your marketing activity? We believe it works most effectively when integrated into your media mix.

Social gives brands an opportunity to be audience-led, gaining unique insights to specific customer journeys. But be warned, if applied in a siloed approach, it can lead to cost inefficiencies, strategic conflict and missed opportunities.


Research actually suggests that with a little bit of foresight and strategic thinking, campaigns combining social media with between three and five other communications channels are by far the most effective in business terms. So don’t just do social for social’s sake, start with understanding your customer and plan you content to have a meaningful impact on their journey to falling in love with your brand.


Over the past few months we’ve talked a lot about consumer behaviour and adopting an “always on” approach. This is becoming more and more prevalent as consumers’ habit of second-screening – using a mobile device in tandem with TV viewing – is one of the most obvious opportunities for delivering multi-platform creative ideas and experiences to capture and engage audiences. In some instances, social can be likened to the trailer for a film; it can be used to amplify a brand’s reach. For example it can be used as a priming medium for TV, with consumers who see a brand ad on Facebook before they see it on TV, being more likely to purchase the brand than those who saw it on TV first.


Finally, brands who have adopted an integrated media mix know that social and search are highly complementary in the customer purchase journey. Our own search team continues to see search engine algorithms favouring sites that have social content as part of their offering.


Here at Collider we have a Buzz, Rumble, Roar approach to social marketing activity. Get in touch to find out more.


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