Boost Your Christmas Marketing

We all know that Christmas is about friends and family but it’s also about launching products and driving sales. That’s certainly true for fashion, retail, and electronic brands. They have a tendency to focus the majority of their marketing budgets on just the last 2 months of the year.


With the help of our buddies at Google, we have 5 treats that will help you seek the answers you’ve been looking for when planning your Christmas marketing strategy:


Start in September

Forget what the calendar says – your Christmas campaign should start in September. In other words – you need to begin your planning in July.

As an SEO manager I understand how long it usually takes to rank some content. With one of former clients whose primary keywords were ‘Christmas chocolates’ and ‘Christmas hampers’, we needed to work on these terms all the year round to maintain those Google rankings; constantly tweaking copy of the pages and getting links. It’s wasn’t seasonal, it was a full-time job!

Searches for terms like ‘Christmas movies’ and ‘Christmas songs’ start picking up in August. ‘Christmas jumpers’, ‘Christmas trees’, ‘Christmas gifts’ and specific Christmas products begin to pick up towards the end of September.


Micro-moments and Smartphones

Today’s holiday shoppers are more informed than ever. And armed with a smartphone, they are looking for instant information on what, where and when to buy.

67% of smartphone users now agree that when conducting a search, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing it. Their loyaltly will shift towards whoever can help them at that right time. That could be you!

Just under 60% of online transactions are mobile (Google June 2017). People are getting more comfortable shopping online rather than waiting in line.


Go video

Views of Christmas Ads in 2014, increase by over 3000% year on year. This interest in Christmas Ads on YouTube has increased drastically and consumers are demonstrating that they are happy to spend more time with branded content which is entertaining and relevant.


Last-minute shopping

Las-minute shopping has become a custom for customers during the holiday season. There has been an increase in keyword searches for ‘store hours’, ‘what stores are open near me on Christmas’ and similar store-related terms. There is an increasing opportunity to target mobile users who are hunting for that perfect last minute gift.


Connect the dots

Integrate your marketing strategies across the different channels and provide an engaging experience online and in-store.  Mixing your marketing channels is a proven way to entice customer behaviours when they are researching online or just purchasing offline.

Your success will depend on how much advantage you can take of all the data you have been collecting and integrating this data to improve your strategy to make your campaign more powerful and effective.

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