Adam, our Social Media Intern, takes a look at how BuzzFeed, The Body Coach and Sport England have made an impact on social.

Buzzfeed – Tasty 

Starting off with one of the biggest success stories of the last year, we have BuzzFeed’s ‘Tasty’. Their main Facebook page boasts 87 million likes, proving that the fastest way to all our hearts is through the stomach. BuzzFeed’s Facebook channel consists of snack-sized cooking tutorials for easy and healthy recipes and useful food hacks. Following their success from 2016, they have grown significantly and now cater to our cravings for regional cuisine and vegetarian dishes.

The trend of short and sweet recipes has been a huge hit with their Facebook following due to their simple nature. They encourage engagement through sharing the videos with friends and family, often resulting in a discussion of what day this week it will be made! The reach on their videos is an incredible 500 million people per month. This has had a huge influence on the social media environment and behaviour of other, more mainstream, celebrity chefs also following suit to produce shorter tutorials in order to reach a different target audience.



the body coach  

Another food guru who has had great success on social media is Joe Wicks or ‘The Body Coach’. He started gaining his social media following from posting short ‘lean in 15’ motivational, fitness and nutrition advice videos on Instagram. The videos are all 15 seconds long and contain Joe’s signature cheeky personality that seems to relate to just about everyone. Jo has amassed a combined 4.6 million followers over his social channels and is a hugely popular figure within the health, diet and fitness industry, largely considered as the market leader for what he does. His first book ‘Lean in 15’ is the best-selling diet book since records began and lead to a 6-book deal and the production of fitness DVD’s. From first hand experience I can say that Joe’s recipes are delicious and healthy, while his workouts are challenging but he keeps them fun and enjoyable!

Joe’s cheeky personality alongside his savvy use of the social media sphere seems to have struck a chord with his target audience and the level of engagement on his videos allows him to reach millions every month. This is typified when he recently hosted a world record HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout session in Hyde Park.

He has been utilising social media to build his brand since Instagram introduced videos in 2014 and inspired many others with his work to follow his lead. He recently gave the key note speech at my graduation at St. Mary’s University, where he also attended, to inspire the next generation of social stars.



this girl can 

Sticking with the health and fitness theme, we have This Girl Can. The campaign was created to empower women to change their perspectives on what they can and can’t achieve, predominantly within the sporting realm (have you worked out I studied sport science yet?). The campaign is run by Sport England and focuses on equality and body confidence. Sport England are a nonprofit organisation that offers free inspiration and advice for women looking to get more active and to dispel gender stereotypes.

The campaign engages people because it displays regular women taking part in activities that perhaps weren’t available to them in the past and draws people in, allowing them to rethink what they do and how to become more active. Recently there have been more and more women used in big brand advertisements and there has been a spike of 1.6 million women joining sports clubs and gyms since the beginning of this movement. This Girl Can has also inspired brands such as Puma to create similar campaigns to encourage the participation of women in sport.

The advertisement made a great impact across social, with their 90-second film viewed over 37 million times on Facebook and Youtube alone. The campaign has an active community of 500,000 and the campaign was thoroughly discussed on Twitter 660,000 times.




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