Agency life: Meet Anya, our Psychology intern

Looking for work experience in a London agency? Here’s some insight into the world of internships based on my three weeks getting to know Collider.



Hi there 👋! I’m Anya, Collider’s resident work experience representative – here to give some insight into the world of internships based on my three weeks getting to know the company. I’m currently studying Psychology at the University of Exeter, soon to start my final year. As graduation approaches, I’ve been thinking more about what truly interests me and came to the conclusion that what fascinates me is how and why people behave in a certain way. Marketing seemed like a possible avenue to explore this further, but I knew very little about the industry. I also knew that I would love to work and live in London after graduating, so I looked for some experience in the city to get a better understanding of what the industry and city had to offer.



I’ve just spent three weeks at Collider where they have given me the opportunity to work among some of the different teams within the agency, specifically account management, strategy and design. Whilst here, I’ve also met with members of the other teams such as social and digital to understand more about what their work entails. In these various teams, I have carried out research for new clients into competitors and partnerships, sourced a stylist for an upcoming shoot and have been involved in the briefing and creative process of new accounts. I’ve been kept occupied and involved throughout my time here. What has been most rewarding for me is that I have been trusted to help with work that actually contributes to the ongoing projects. Everyone has been very welcoming, inviting me to sit in on meetings and talks, such as a Canvas8 webinar on unethical consumption and a rooftop internal meeting. This allowed me to really experience the day to day life of working in an agency.



For others who aren’t entirely sure of what they want to do, I would really advise looking for some work experience as my time spent here has been so valuable in reaffirming my interest and giving me a rich insight into the industry. Be proactive and ask around, as you’re likely to know someone that can help you find an opportunity – there’s nothing to lose!

I think the most valuable things I have learnt have come from talking to people about their roles so make sure you speak to as many people as possible and really understand what it is that their day to day looks like.


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