New joiners blog: Tom & Sonia

For the next post in our new joiner series, we hear from Tom and Sonia who both joined in April


There’s something very refreshing about Collider. A vibrant, buzzing environment; a varied portfolio of exciting clients; a committed, knowledgeable team; morning meetings over bagels and fruit; Friday night drinks to see you into the weekend. That doesn’t sound like every workplace, does it!

Honestly, the Collider ethos really isn’t something that I’m used to coming from client side, but it is most definitely something that I’m enjoying. Gone for me are the days of hierarchal sign-off procedures, uninspiring workspaces, and going through the motions almost robotically to survive the ‘daily grind’. At Collider, every part of a campaign is a wholly collaborative effort from client acquisition through to campaign inception and execution; the offices are upbeat and inspiring; and the work we do every day offers its own creative reward.

That’s the most important thing for me – being given the opportunity to be creative. And that’s exactly what I’m getting every day.



Joining a new agency can be a little daunting but the team here at Collider have made settling in so easy. You really get the sense that you’ve joined a family so you never feel like a newbie for long.

I love working within an innovative and collaborative environment, where we deliver exciting projects for clients, we’re encouraged to ask questions (no matter how silly they sound) and ideas are exchanged effortlessly between teams.

There are many reasons to join Collider but I love working for a business that values the personal and professional development of their employees – there are many opportunities to learn something new, beyond our expertise.

I’m excited to be a part of a great team and I look forward to my future here at Collider.

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