Insights from an Intern

Adam tells us about his work placement with the social team at Collider.

Insights from an Intern

My name is Adam Duncan and I have just completed two enjoyable weeks of work experience with the social team at Collider. I recently graduated university with a degree in Sports Science and upon realising the harsh reality that is the world of unemployment, I decided to look for some work experience in something I’d never done before. It has been both a fun and challenging experience working on projects and tasks I’d never undertaken before.

The office has a great vibe with Monday morning meetings over a company breakfast and themed ‘Collibar’ socials on Thursdays. It has been great working with Sonia, the Social Media Executive, for the last two weeks. She could not have been more helpful and willing to lend a hand whenever there was something I needed. She has kept me very busy completing various tasks such as: community management, market research, content creation, monthly reports and analytics. I have also spent a few days with Tom, the Digital Marketing Executive, who taught me in more detail about promoted Facebook and Instagram posts, the details of scheduling, searching for influencers and community management guidelines.

It’s great that I have been trusted to complete work individually, as this has allowed me to learn processes in my own way and develop a greater level of understanding. I have learnt that there is a whole different world behind what you see in a social media post and that it is far more strategic than meets the eye. The experience and new skills I have gained here will be invaluable moving forward in my career transition away from Sport Science and for that I am extremely grateful to Collider.

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