Black Friday, are we over it?

The transatlantic Black Friday has come round once again, but with some industry analysts expecting sales to disappoint is it worth investing your time in it?

With cynicism high, thanks to the rough year 2016 has provided, and the fact that online shoppers are savvier than ever, retailers are left struggling to make an impact on consumers. Especially as Black Friday-like deals are available nearly every day of the year, and that many retailers have been found to be falsely offering deals.


Millennials are the key to this market, having grown up digitally-savvy they’re leading the trends with online shopping. But with only 21% of Britons saying they’re going to be fighting the crowds this year to get their hands on discounted products, and young people becoming put off by being bombarded with messages from marketers [sic The Cassandra Report], how are retailers going to create cut-through?


There are simple ways The Cassandra Report thinks you can improve your offering and optimise this festive season:



Black Friday is here to stay for now, but without evolution of their offerings and relationships with consumers, retailers will begin to find they’re the ones missing out, not their customers.

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