Airbnb Trips: an integrated travel experience

In its latest addition Trips, Airbnb continues to challenge the traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose).

It’s not that Airbnb have re-invented the wheel, they’ve just created a global community of people with local knowledge and varied interests, and empowered them to become the experts of unique experiences. As Airbnb CEO, Brian Chesky puts it; “for many people, traveling is easy, but it’s not magical…” (sic Venture Beat). Now travelers can enjoy unique local travel experiences; from violin making in Paris to marathon running in Kenya, using the Airbnb app.

With a landing page that sells the experiences like movie posters, you can see why there is a hype around its final launch to the public after its soft-launch to a limited amount of users some months ago. In the same way that Uber has challenged the conventional taxi experience, Airbnb is continuing to challenge the status quo in travel.

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