Collider Comments #1 – Heinz Beanz Muzeum

For one weekend only, visitors to London’s Covent Garden could immerse themselves in the history of Heinz Beanz at the Heinz Beanz Muzeum to celebrate Heinz’s 150th anniversary.

With such an iconic brand and strong visual identity, what a great opportunity to flex those creative muscles to deliver an immersive brand experience for all the family.

I headed over to Covent Garden to see if the experience delivered on that potential….

The balloons at the entry point were already looking a bit tired on Day 1.

With only one entry and exit point and a narrow walkway, there was no obvious flow to the experience and a lot of jostling. The first thing to see was the gift shop – £10 for a Heinz T-Shirt anyone?… 

A museum style timeline of the history of Heinz was well presented with just enough info to keep me interested and made good use of the wall space. It was unmistakably Heinz and the bean floor decals were a nice touch.

There was supposed to be an aroma-tunnel delivering a delicious toasty smell. It can’t have been working as I smelt nothing.


A replica 1970’s living room was complete with dining table set with beans on toast and a TV showing 70’s adverts.

I’m not entirely clear on the relevance of this – and there was no explanation provided…

The classic ‘face in hole’ Insta moment. Yawn…

Slide from a replica bean can into a pit of baked beans. Actually just a kids’ slide and paddling pool with orange balls. And haven’t slides into ball pits been done to death?

“Pick up your Innovation Sheet.” In reality a colouring sheet where you could give a Heinz Beanz can a makeover and interesting ingredients.

I jumped at the chance to have a personalised can label printed. But unfortunately the tech wasn’t working…

There was a good selection of free samples to choose from, including your classic ‘beans and cheese’ to more adventurous ‘Pulled Pork and Beans’ (which was yummy although microwaved in front of me.)

Production values weren’t great (Evidence: even on Day 1).

Staff were all congregated together chatting and looking at their phones rather than interacting with visitors and encouraging them to engage.

The experience fell sadly short of the promise of a “Muzeum” and the potential of the bean.

The space was decently branded and the Heinz timeline and replica 70’s room was well executed. But everything else was just a bit ‘meh’ and was further let down by shoddy production, tech issues, and unengaged staff.

Where was the fun and interaction? I wanted to adorn a wetsuit and climb into a bath of beans (now that would’ve been an Insta moment)…. Or win a bean race by blowing one across the table with a straw….

Collider Comments Verdict : 4 / 10

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